How to style your basics

Ever stood in front of your closet, staring blankly? We feel you. But fear not, because you've just stumbled upon the ultimate style sanctuary. In this fashion world, where trends come and go, basics are your rock-solid squad no matter your aesthetic – streetwear, grunge, fairycore, y2k, you name it. Get ready, because we're about to spill the tea on mastering the art of how to style your basics!
If you want to delve right into building a capsule wardrobe that’s uniquely yours, why not begin with our most wanted Basics collection?

If your wardrobe is all about those comfy, cool essentials, you're in for a treat. Forget the fashion noise; we're here for the real heroes. These aren’t just clothes; they’re the backbone of your wardrobe, the OGs of style.
Now, let's talk iconic pieces that'll elevate your style game. From y2k baggy jeans to a black oversized zip-up hoodie and our grunge vest tops, we just served you the killer combo to build a grunge y2k capsule wardrobe. Let’s dive into how to style these basics?

Whether you're crushing it at a skate park or simply strutting your stuff on the streets, these jeans are the MVPs of any outfit. Pair them with your favourite vintage band tee, a crop top or even with a skirt or dress on top like it's 2003 for that ultimate laid-back cool. And let's be real – the baggier, the better!

These are the essential pieces you’ve been looking for: wide leg, baggy and overdye. Shop our overdye baggy jeans in black or green.
Pro tip: Roll up the cuffs, throw on some chunky shoes, and hit the streets. Ready to rock it?
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Meet your new go-to for all things comfort and style – Umbra Black Oversized Zip Up Hoodie. 
Whether you're staying in for a cosy night, chilling at the park, or taking a urban stroll, this hoodie has got you covered – quite literally. It’s the kind of hoodie you steal from your crush and never give back because it’s just too darn cool. Rock it with your baggy jeans for an effortlessly cool look that screams, "I woke up like this."
Pro tip: Wear it however feels right – one shoulder, both shoulders – your call.
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Ever wondered how to effortlessly elevate your style game through layering? Look no further! Our vest tops got you covered! 

These aren't your average tops, they're the rockstars of versatility. Whether you're vibing with street cool, rocking some grunge vibes, or sprinkling a bit of fairycore magic, our vest tops are your style accomplices. Tuck them in, layer them up, or let them shine solo – these bad boys play by your rules. 

From a laid-back hangout to a spontaneous adventure, our y2k vest tops keep you cool and comfy, making sure you slay all day, every day. 

 In the Minga Basics universe, we've cracked the code to everyday slay. Cuff those jeans, toss on that hoodie, and layer up like you own the streets. Ready to style your basics now?
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