Minga Shoes: Everything You Need to Know

Yep, Minga shoes are FINALLY here!! One of our summer outfit essentials, we’ve designed three pairs of shoes to help you step into your weirdness 🖤 We love all things chunky, platform and grunge-inspired, which is exactly what our Minga shoes are. We wanted to design footwear that works for any mood or occasion, and that already matches all of our current Minga pieces. Our Lana Mary-Janes, Arden Brown Shoes and Arden Black Shoes are a must-have to complete any outfit!  
We know you’ve been searching far and wide to find the ultimate pair of vegan leather shoes that make you look and feel good, all while being kind to the planet. At Minga London we value good quality, which is why all of our products are ethically made to last and love for a long time. Yes, we love trends, but we design each piece to outstand time so you can wear them season after season! 
Yes, to some they might only be shoes, but to us it symbolizes a full-circle moment of being able to see our community *quite literally* dressed from head-to-toe in everything Minga 🤯 A pinch us moment to say the least! We wanted to bless you with footwear that is fun to wear but also serves functionality 💋

Throwing it back to the 90s with some much-loved grunge and alt fashion vibes, we knew we had to create a pair of chunky shoes that oozed attitude. That’s when our LANA MARY-JANES were born 💡Made from vegan leather and a whole lot of love, they can get you from A to B while helping you to step into your weirdness! Whether you need a trusted pair of mary-janes to act as the starting point of any outfit or are on the lookout for platform shoes that can complete any look, it doesn’t matter what stage of putting together a look you’re at, our LANA MARY-JANES work ♡

Lana Mary-Janes


Bringing you some extra dynamic with an unsuspecting shoe colour, we knew we wanted to add a lil’ spice to the mix and design something other than black shoes. For all our Dark Academia fashion lovers and those who excel in cozy atmospheres, our ARDEN BROWN SHOES will help you live out your introverted, bookworm dreams! Ofc, you can wear and style them no matter your MBTI 😛 Inspired by our past collections such as Into the Woods and aesthetics such as Fairycore and Fairygrunge, these pair of chunky shoes have a special place in our little Minga hearts 💘

Arden Brown Shoes


The perfect Y2K shoes don’t exi… Oh wait, it’s our ARDEN BLACK SHOES 🖤 From The Craft to the Spice Girls, to Bratz or Lizzie McGuire, chunky platform shoes have been loved for decades now, so we thought we would create the perfect pair for you guys! The same as our ARDEN BROWN SHOES but in a different tone, these all-round-amazing platforms can literally be worn with anything. Inspired by grunge and cyberpunk shoes but also practicality, they were made to look cool but also feel comfy. We can’t wait to see how you style them! Make sure to tag us in your pictures using  #mingalondon or #mingashoes 🤩

Arden Black Shoes



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