Minga x Sabukaru: Tokyo Calling

Elevate your street style game with a pop of Tokyo flair as we proudly present our latest collaboration, "TOKYO CALLING", in partnership with the renowned Tokyo-based magazine, Sabukaru. The aim was to seamlessly blend our aesthetics and pay homage to Tokyo’s iconic fashion scene, drawing inspiration from the early 2000s and the nostalgic charm of the 90s.  Shot amongst the vibrant tapestry of Harajuku's streets and alleys, this collection is a unique fusion of eras and styles like never before.


Sabukaru isn't just a magazine; it's a cultural hub and media collective known for its fresh take on fashion and dedication to breaking new ground; it felt like the perfect fit to bring our vision to life. Together, we embody what it means to be fashion-forward in today's world - not just following trends, but creating them and owning them with pride. Working with Sabukaru allowed us to collaborate with not just the magazine, but some of the most incredible creatives in Tokyo - we were thrilled to have such an amazing team of models, content creators and more.

The TOKYO CALLING collection seamlessly connects historical influences with contemporary trends. The pieces are not only a nod to the past but also a bold statement towards future trends, embodying resilience and creativity in design. From bold prints to Y2K graphics, each piece is a celebration of individuality and self-expression, designed for those who dare to stand out; it's a celebration of unity and inclusivity, championing the universal desire for self-expression.


We’ve always been inspired by the vibrant energy of Tokyo's fashion scene. From the eclectic street style of Harajuku to the boundless creativity coursing through the city's veins, Tokyo epitomises boundary-pushing fashion and celebrates individuality in a league of its own – values that resonate with us and that we aimed to capture within the TOKYO CALLING campaign. While the range of fashion choices is vast, the essence of Harajuku fashion revolves around two core principles – community and unabashed self-expression. We joined forces with Sabukaru to infuse these principles, combining them with Tokyo's rebellious spirit with London's distinctive energy. The result? A campaign that celebrates the ongoing dialogue between the fashion subcultures of our two cities, highlighting Tokyo’s vibrant scene whilst underscoring our dedication to unique, empowering fashion. It’s a testament to the enduring impact of subcultural movements and the unifying power of fashion.⁠

Handpicked to elevate your street style game, our collection features pieces that are sure to turn heads. From our
star denim and camo jorts to the versatile cargo pants (in denim and camo), we've got you covered for those long summer days. Dive into the world of our Y2K graphics, adorned with stars, abundant camo prints, and all-things-Tokyo, to embrace your truest self. Get ready to make a statement - shop TOKYO CALLING now.

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@bianco_bianco_tokyo⁠; Producer: @mayasbrinaa; Production Manager:@lyosukewatsup; Concept & Art Direction: @l_u_l_s & @internet_jane; Photography & Video: @franarciso & @shirinpasqual⁠; Stylist: @yuri.nosho; Photo assistant: @kotaroymt; Talent: @sherfan_zoey @_ameenarose @ito_wolf @ecec_fc @18391o8

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