How To Style Leg Warmers for Spring

If you’ve just finally figured out how to style your leg warmers for winter and we’re suddenly on the cusp of spring, fear not, we’ve got you covered. With all trends, especially seasonal ones, we tend to ditch an item of clothing or accessory as soon as the weather changes up. Not so good for the environment or consumerism, right? We believe that clothing deserves the same love all year round, and it’s up to us to get creative and figure out ways to wear them season after season. 

We’re not saying that you need to wear a knitted sweater throughout a heat wave, but with a lil’ creativity it’s easy to find new ways to wear or style pieces that may have been thrown to the back of your closet otherwise. 

Keep scrolling to see how we would style our collection of Minga leg warmers…

With the heightened interest in sub-trends on social media such as Balletcore and Y2K styles, it comes as no surprise that the 80s leg warmers have made a comeback almost bigger than J-Lo and Ben Affleck’s marriage. Originally designed to keep dancers' legs warm during practice, this functional turned fashion accessory makes the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. 

A classic staple in the 80s, sporting bright colours and tones of neon, you can bet your bottom dollar if TikTok existed during these days that they would have been featured in everyone’s GRWM videos. Of course, like any trend, their return over the last year hasn’t been exactly the same as its predecessor. Ditching neon for neutral, we’re all opting for leg warmers with natural tones instead. 

Don’t be under the allusion that their functionality makes them suitable for only the colder months, because we’ve got plenty of ways to style them to give them a lil’ spring to your step (pun intended) 

White leg warmers are the epitome of brightening up your closet for spring, speaking to our souls in all the right ways! The perfect blank canvas, they can be styled to match almost any outfit! As it’s a lighter tone, we suggest pairing them with darker clothing such as a black cargo skirt and baby tee! Not your thing? Opt for a pair of black leg warmers to create a fun capsule closet!

If you wanna add a fun twist to your leg warmers obsession, then stripes are the way forward. Fun and funky, they can make any outfit go from minimalist to maximalist in an instant. Brighten up your look for Spring and style them with a cute mini skirt! The perfect attire for brunch dates or museum trips ✨

We’re currently obsessed with our buttoned leg warmers that come in beige and gray. We’re loving them styled with anything flowy and fairycore like for a whimsical look that is spring-worthy! Dress with chunky shoes and all the accessories! 🌞 

If you’ve been loving the Acubi aesthetic and all things subverted or asymmetrical then our Zip Leg Warmers are a go-to for nailing this trend. Wave hello to the sun and style them with a Minga mini skirt and one of our cute baby tees! POV: you’ve just been to the Sunday flea market, bought yourself a bouquet of tulips and are on the way to a matcha date with your bestie! These leg warmers will definitely match the vibe check 💐


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