Discover the Minga Team's Top Picks

Hey there, Minga fam! ✌️ Ready to take a sneak peek at the Minga team’s closet? Buckle up for a journey into the closets of our trendsetting team members – Laura, Bárbara, Ana, and Inês and get to know their Minga top picks!
You see, working at Minga isn't just about the tasks, it's a lifestyle. The people who grace our team not only contribute their brilliance to our projects, but they embody the very essence of what we stand for. They dress the part, literally becoming walking, talking embodiments of the Minga mindset.

When you work with us, it's not just a job – it's a celebration of creativity, weirdness, and a dash of rebellious spirit. Our crew doesn't just clock in, they make a statement with every outfit, infusing their personal style into the Minga DNA.

Get ready to dive into a world where style meets substance, and our mindset isn't just a buzzword – it's a way of life. Welcome to the Minga mindset, where we don't just work, we wear our beliefs, one stylish piece at a time.

Welcome to Barbara's style kingdom, where Minga's grunge gothic aesthetic finds its match in a recruiter's closet. This fashion maven from the Human Resources realm isn't just about finding the right fit for the team, she's a pro at curating her wardrobe with pieces that scream grunge coolness.

Barbara's must-haves? It’s all about black and comfort: an oversized graphic t-shirt, a black mesh maxi dress, a black floral lace top, a floral midi skirt, a black distressed knit jumper and a black maxi skirt. These pieces are HR-approved and made for slaying form work to post-work adventures. 

Meet Laura, our design intern and one of the creative brains behind some of our sickest pieces. In Laura's fashion universe, the Y2K era isn't just a style, it's a celebration of bold graphics, playful motifs, and a vibrant blend of nostalgia. Step into her closet, and you'll find a curated collection that's a love letter to the dawn of a new millennium.

Her top picks? That’s easy: loads of cute graphic tees. From a dolphin y2k vest top and a rabbit graphic long sleeve top to a mouse graphic one, Laura is all about the coolest graphics. And to top it all up? A pleated tartan mini skirt to complete the y2k early 2000s schoolgirl charm.

Say hello to Ana, the genius behind our eye-catching graphics! Our graphic designer has a passion for all things bold and edgy. In Ana's wardrobe, grunge and goth collide to create a visual symphony that goes beyond clothing. It's an exploration of darkness, rebellion, and the power of graphic storytelling.

Her secret for a killer look are Minga shoes. She even says: “I loooove our shoes, they look good in every outfit”. And to pair with them, Ana chose: a black fishnet top, a cross pendant choker necklace, a skeleton shoulder strap bag, a black distressed flare jeans and an oversized graphic t-shirt. And with that you have a killer gothic grunge outfit!

Last but certainly not least, we're diving into the social media realm with Inês, our social media sensation. Inês doesn't just work with social media; she curates her wardrobe with the same precision, blending trends seamlessly into her feed-worthy ensembles. Join us as we unveil Inês' fashion-forward picks that are destined to stop the scroll and steal the spotlight in the digital realm.

Inês doesn't just follow trends online, she sets them in real life, and that’s why these are her top picks: a leopard mesh top and midi skirt, a distressed knit jumper, a stars fishnet top and a teddy pendant choker. These are for sure post-worthy outfits to embrace the grunge retro aesthetic!

Now that you've got the inside scoop on our team's faves, it's time to upgrade your wardrobe with these Minga must-haves. Whether you're a Laura, a Bárbara, a Ana, or a Inês, we've got something that suits every vibe.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into Minga's treasure trove and slay those #OOTD goals with our team-approved picks!

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