Why fit in when you can stand out? Our Minga Class of 24’ are here to help you find the confidence to BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU! ⭐

We wanted this campaign to serve as a utopia of uniqueness, pulling you into a realm of self-expression where you are free from any fear of judgment or stereotype. We’re not just talking about your clothing, but the essence of who you are as a person. All your weirdness, quirks and the little things that make you YOU! 🤩

With a huge emphasis on common connectedness, this video represents a group of misfits coming together to celebrate their inner monologues, dreams, ‘do it for the plot’ moments, and fashion statements. This edit is all about autonomy over monotony.

Whether you want to stick to the basics, throw it back with y2k staples, feel like a witch in your most Whimsigoth look, serve attitude in Grunge, romanticize your life in Dark Academia clothing, or be at one with nature in Fairycore, our ethically made clothing crosses all your fave’ aesthetics while holding space for you to style our pieces however the f*ck you want. 

This edit will take you from early morning classes to late-night dancefloor memories with your friends, and all the small moments in between. 💗
But most importantly, this edit is about how you feel on the inside. So, next time you're looking to make a lasting impression and find your own style, don't underestimate the power of being yourself! Here are some of our star’s of the show (but we’re in love with every single piece, let’s be real).

If there’s a piece of clothing that screams back-to-school, it’s got to be anything checked or tartan. Enter our Laurie Pleated Tartan Midi Skirt, our Tegan Safety Pin Tartan Tie and our Orla Pleated Tartan Mini Skirt. Obsessed? Totally ✅
Image 1
Laurie Midi Skirt shop now
Image 2
Orla Mini Skirt shop now


From bunnies, to kitties, and even rats (yes, we accept everyone at Minga), our Class of ‘24 have been reppin’ some of our new fave’ graphic tops. No matter what kind of style of top you like, this edit covers all the basics. Our faves? It has to be our Curious Cat Red Graphic Top, our Kitty Faux Fur Cuffs High Neck Top, or our Main Character Rabbit Graphic Top 🤩

Image 1
Curious Cat Top shop now
Image 2
Kitty High Neck Top shop now
Image 3
Character Rabbit Top shop now

With fall well and truly here, it’s officially time to invest in some cozy knitwear that can take you from solo dates to social events in an instant 🚀 Our go-to options? Our Jacky Zip Up Hood Knit Cardigan, our Jetta Off Shoulder Knit Jumper that comes in black & brown, or our Emmie Multi-coloured Textured Scarf ⭐ Our knitted clothes are all carefully and ethically curated to last so you can wear and love these pieces forever!
Image 1
Jacky Knit Cardigan shop now
Image 2
Jetta Knit Jumper shop now
Image 3
Emmie Textured Scarf shop now

Why do we love accessories at Minga so much? They are the exclamation point to an outfit, the finishing touches that transform an ordinary ensemble into a personal expression of creativity and individuality 💘 Whether it's a vibrant scarf, a bold statement necklace, an elegant watch, or a trendy pair of sunglasses, accessories allow us to infuse our personality into our appearance. We’re loving our Tegan Safety Pin Tartan Tie and our Blaire Stripes Tie Knit Hat for some extra dynamic. 
Image 1
Tegan Pin Tie shop now
Image 2
Blaire Knit Hat shop now

Now that you’re well acquainted with the collection, are you ready to officially meet the class of ‘24? To celebrate the launch of this collection, we sat down with some of the faces behind the project to understand what “being unapologetically you” means to them. They empower us to stand out, not by conforming to trends, but by confidently embracing their individuality ≧◡≦  🖤

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